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Holland 2000

Twenty years ago this May, the Suffolk Concert Band took a trip to Arnhem in Holland.


The battle of Arnhem was a major battle during World War II, when the allies invaded the Netherlands and planned to capture a road and a series of bridges to provide a spearhead into the heart of Nazi occupied Europe.

The bridge at Arnhem was to become ‘A Bridge Too Far’ and the story of the subsequent battle was told in the book with that name by Cornelius Ryan. In 1977 Sir David Attenborough directed an epic film with an all star cast also called A Bridge Too Far.

The military history and musical link from the film, made it the obvious choice for a visit.


Although the band had taken part in previous overseas trips, this was the last time they have ventured further from Suffolk than Eastbourne.

Below are the members of the band that played during the weekend. We are looking for those who went on this trip to send in your own memories and accounts of the weekend so that we can hopefully between us put together a comprehensive account of the event. Any photographs or memorabilia anyone has will also help. (Click the band member for their personal account)

Musical Director - Barry Salmon

Flutes - Mandy Chinery, Sue Jayasuriya

Oboe - Rebecca Darlow

Clarinets - Ruth Symmington, Sally Webb, Heather Ferguson, Jill Blofield, Natasha Free

Bassoon - Katherine Doyle

Saxes - Anne Clarke, Lucy Ball, Angela Hope, Chris Wilson, Adrian Budgen

Horn - Lisa Cheadle

Trumpets/Cornets - Mark Cheadle, Gordon Scopes, Andrew Farthing, Russell Banyard

Trombones - David Ferguson, Simon Pulham, Alison Keep

Bass - Don Cheesewright

Percussion - Pearl Gibson, Paul Blofield

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